What is the PTO?

The PTO is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians and teachers working together to enrich the experience of all Deer Run Elementary students with activities and programs that promote education, socialization and community involvement.

How can I become a member of the PTO? Do I have to pay membership dues? Am I required to volunteer my time?

As the parent or guardian of a child at Deer Run Elementary, you are automatically a member of the PTO. There are no membership dues, and volunteering is not required. That being said, contributions are always welcome, and we appreciate any time you can give.

How can I volunteer for the PTO?

Simply complete the brief online Parent Communication Form located on the PTO website at drepto.com/volunteer, or email the PTO here.

Do I need to attend PTO meetings?

While all parents and guardians are encouraged to attend PTO meetings, you are not required to attend. The purpose of the PTO meetings is to give you a voice in what is happening at our school and provide a forum to discuss your ideas and share your concerns. It’s also a great way to meet other parents.

How does the PTO raise money?

There are three ways the PTO raises money for Deer Run Elementary: (1) monetary contributions from families during the DRE PTO Pledge Drive, (2) fundraisers, like the Deer Run Run, and (3) company donations to sponsor a school event, like the Country Fair.

How does the PTO help the school?

The funds raised by the PTO go directly back into the school to enrich the experience of all Deer Run Elementary students, build our community and support our teachers. The PTO is able to provide a wide variety of programs, activities, events, and resources that would not otherwise be possible without our support.

How do I make a monetary contribution to the PTO?

We are kicking off the school year with our DRE PTO Pledge Drive where families are invited to support the school through monetary contributions. Please see the enclosed DRE PTO Pledge Drive form for additional information. While we encourage all families to participate in the DRE PTO Pledge Drive at the beginning of the school year, contributions to the PTO can be made at any time. Simply contribute online HERE  (no credit card fees) or send a CHECK to school with your child. Please make checks payable to “Deer Run Elementary PTO” and include “PTO Pledge” in the memo line.

Is my monetary contribution tax-deductible, and is it eligible for corporate matching gifts?

Yes and yes! The Deer Run Elementary PTO (Tax ID 31-1029502) is an IRC Section 501(c)(3) organization. As such, your contribution is both tax-deductible and eligible for corporate matching gifts made by many companies in our area (like JPMorgan Chase and Nationwide). Please contact your HR department to see if they participate. You could double your contribution for the school!

Can I or my company sponsor or donate to an event?

Of course! If you own a business or work for an interested company, you can sponsor an event at our school. The donation benefits the school and in turn, we promote your business in advertising on our website and for the event. Your business can also provide material for distribution at the event.

I have a great idea for the PTO. Will you listen?

Yes! We are always looking for fresh ideas and new ways of doing things to improve your child’s experience at Deer Run Elementary. Please share your ideas with us by emailing the PTO here or joining us at a PTO meeting. We are ready to listen and happy to have your help!